A Trusted Fence Contractor Highly Recommends These Materials for Dog Fences

Dog Fence: The Best Materials to Use

Dogs are considered a man’s best buddy. But that bond needs some tender, loving care. No matter how big or tiny, if you own a high-energy dog, you are well familiar with their urge to run. Some dogs simply can’t be restrained, whether it’s pulling at their leash while walking around the block or bolting as the front door opens. Your dog can burn off some of their energy by going outside in the backyard. But if your yard isn’t adequately gated, soon you may be chasing your dog down the block. You need a strong dog fence if you want your dog to be able to play and run freely in your yard.

The top materials for a dog fence are listed below, according to a trusted fence contractor.

Wood Dog Fence

A well-constructed wood privacy fence offers several benefits for dog owners. First off, a wooden privacy fence is unlikely to be breached by your dog unless they are large or muscular. Second, most dogs won’t be able to jump over a normal six-foot privacy fence. The fact that a wood privacy fence prevents your dog from seeing the outside is another advantage over a chain link or metal fence. Even that could deter some of the escape attempts. Additionally, your dog could be less likely to act out when an animal or person goes by if they can’t see them outside of your yard. A privacy fence may calm dogs that become excited around humans, other dogs, and squirrels.

Vinyl Dog Fence

Although vinyl isn’t as traditional as wood or metal, it is favored because of its inexpensive price and exceptional durability. It works well as a dog barrier as well. There are no openings for a dog to fit through, and vinyl privacy fences have a smooth surface that is difficult to climb. Vinyl won’t decay or deteriorate as wood does. The fence should remain sturdy even after many years, just as the day it was constructed. The majority of breeds shouldn’t be able to leap out of a six-foot vinyl privacy fence. For dogs who are excellent jumpers, some vinyl fences come in eight-foot-high portions as well.

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